All you need to know about Freshly Prepared

  by Katie Bracewell We are often asked why Freshtrusion makes our products more tasty, digestible and enjoyable for the pet. Below are just a few of the reasons: Why does Freshly Prepared increase digestibility? Freshly prepared meats are gently cooked at 90c. This gentle cooking process protects the nutrients therefore allowing the pet to […]

pup with bone collar

Understanding skin health

by Victoria Brierley Skin Disorders are one of the most common health problems in pets and can be caused by a number of different factors. This is stressful for pets but can also be stressful for owners due to seeing their fur babies in discomfort and pain. What should a pet’s skin look like? A […]

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The importance of Carbohydrates

by Victoria Brierley What are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are an essential part of a pets’ diet and one of three categories of macronutrients alongside protein and fat in the diets of animals. Sugars, starches and dietary fibres are different types of carbohydrates which play different roles in the pets’ body. Below is an image taken from […]

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The Importance of Digestibility

The Research The digestibility of pet food is the quantity of nutrients available for absorption from the intestine into the bloodstream. Nutrient bioavailability is the proportion of the absorbed nutrients that are carried to tissues and available for use by the body. Because a highly digestible food provides a higher proportion of absorbed nutrients than […]

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Omega-3 and its benefits

Omega- 3 fatty acids are very important fats that mammals must get from their diets. They contribute to the health and wellbeing of not only humans but their pets as well. However, not all fatty acids are a- like. Alpha- linolenic acid (ALA) is an essential fatty acid that the body converts to the longer- […]

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Consumer confusion around allergies

Talking with consumers can be illuminating Those conversations often reveal what consumers believe about food allergies: that is, their pets have an allergy to a meat protein (chicken, beef, etc). How do they know for sure? Could it be a flea bite? Is it observed during the relative humidity months of the year? Is their […]

Duncan's Dog co.

2020 – Duncans Dog Co Ltd

  Hello Everyone, We have some exciting news to share with you, this month, Duncan’s Doggy Daycare is officially changing. Last year, we took the first step in realising our dreams of growing our business beyond our home in the woods.   Officially launching Duncan’s Dog Co.   Through 2019 our team has continued to […]

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Don’t judge a pom by its size!

I am sure everyone has heard (or said) something similar too “Pomeranian’s can’t be classed as a dog, they’re just fluffy rats…” right? Wrong! I admit I had this opinion myself, but that was before I met Maple and her baby brother Grizzly. Better known as Princess Maple and Grizz. These two adorable balls of […]

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Giving up a dog

It is an awful situation to be in when you need to decide whether to give up a dog, a decision that must be considered very carefully. A decision I have had to make myself.   If you are considering this option, please ask yourself: Have I done everything I possibly can? Am I the […]

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Feeding your dog

Palatable advice for Dog owners to digest Dry food, wet food, raw food, cold pressed food, home-made food, organic food, natural food, smart food, super food….WTF FOOD!!!!! Feeding our dogs has become a puzzle even the cleverest of collies would find exhausting. With table scraps now a thing of the past and the science behind […]