Pomeranian standing with Duncan's doggy deli logo

Don’t judge a pom by its size!

I am sure everyone has heard (or said) something similar too “Pomeranian’s can’t be classed as a dog, they’re just fluffy rats…” right? Wrong! I admit I had this opinion myself, but that was before I met Maple and her baby brother Grizzly. Better known as Princess Maple and Grizz. These two adorable balls of […]

sausage dog on a bag of food

Giving up a dog

It is an awful situation to be in when you need to decide whether to give up a dog, a decision that must be considered very carefully. A decision I have had to make myself.   If you are considering this option, please ask yourself: Have I done everything I possibly can? Am I the […]

dog waiting to eat at table laid with cutlery

Feeding your dog

Palatable advice for Dog owners to digest Dry food, wet food, raw food, cold pressed food, home-made food, organic food, natural food, smart food, super food….WTF FOOD!!!!! Feeding our dogs has become a puzzle even the cleverest of collies would find exhausting. With table scraps now a thing of the past and the science behind […]

Duncan as a teenager

Duncan’s story

Later in life I decided to go travelling and explore the world. For a time I lived in Spain, and there I managed to find my princess, my French bulldog Pascha (Princess Tasha…). She was my home away from home, she came absolutely everywhere with me, everyone around the town of knew who she was […]