I am sure everyone has heard (or said) something similar too “Pomeranian’s can’t be classed as a dog, they’re just fluffy rats…” right?


I admit I had this opinion myself, but that was before I met Maple and her baby brother Grizzly. Better known as Princess Maple and Grizz.

These two adorable balls of fluff are responsible for the drastic overhaul of my opinion. My perspective on tiny, toy breeds has been changed forever.

True to their appearance, they are extremely cute and exceptionally cuddly; perfect for those damp dark days when your plans consist only of staying cocooned in your duvet. What you can’t tell from their petite frame is they have the character to make up for it. So never… ever… judge a Pom by its size!

Maple is undoubtedly the sassiest but simultaneously most affectionate dog I have ever met (and I have met a lot of dogs!). She deserves nothing less than the Princess title she has earned, being a very particular little madam. She has few (very select) fluffy friends as most of the time prefers going on her own little solo adventures around the woods, pausing for snuggles when needed.

On the other hand, Grizzly! He loves everyone and everything! Grizzly is always first in line to sit for the camera when the treats come out or otherwise can be found having cuddles while chewing on a selected stick (maybe better described as a small twig).

The pair are full of energy, forever chasing each other around with a change of pace Usain Bolt would be proud of. Being a puppy, Grizzly is much more playful. Like most boys (all species included), he won’t take no for an answer and will continue to prance around Maple until she plays.

I can’t do this beautiful little girl and her cheeky brother justice in my descriptions; all I know is they make me excited for Mondays (a rare emotion I am lucky to feel)!

I can honestly say my heart has been captured by the breed. It really is true, size doesn’t matter!


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